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Clipping path picture provides super quality and the lowest price photo editing services through worldwide. The price depends on work done time and complexity of an image. For large number of image order, price will be drop more.

Clipping Path Service Starting Price
Basic Clipping Path $0.25
Compound Clipping Path $0.50
Complex Clipping Path $0.99
Multi Clipping Path $1.50
Super Complex Clipping Path $2.00

Clipping Path with Shadow Starting Price
Original Shadow $0.99
Drop Shadow $0.99
Reflection Shadow $0.99

Clipping path & hair Masking Starting Price
Hair Masking $0.99
Transparent Masking $0.99

Clipping path & Image resizing Starting Price
Image resizing $0.50

Retouching Starting Price
Basic retouch $0.50
Complex retouch $0.99

Image manipulation Starting Price
Manipulation/Neck join $0.99

Color Correction Starting Price
Color Correction $0.50

Raster to Vector Starting Price
Raster to Vector $10.00